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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas knows they are getting an all-natural, safe and effective product worthy of your precious, four-legged and furry family members.

Before I created Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas, my neighbors barking dogs drove us crazy. We were having an active thunderstorm season and to top it all off, it was also the Fourth of July.

A friend at work asked me if I made any formulas for calming dogs. My friend already knew I made body care products using aromatherapy. (This is where Lotions & Potions comes in!)

I started doing some research with different essential oils, carrier oils and base products that would be beneficial to the dogs fur and skin. There was a lot of trial and error.

Then one day while working with a formula for essential oils, I noticed a difference. The dogs were calmer, not nervous, or scared.

I was concerned that there was something wrong!

After I did some research, I discovered the essential oils I was using are naturally very effective calming agents. I gave my friend at work a bottle to try first. Chelsea is the beautiful rescue dog you see on our home page. You can read her owners testimonial there.

I decided to test it on other dogs. So samples were made and sent out for testing.

The results were amazing! People sent photos of their dogs; stories of bee stings and bed jumping and trash can invasions all solved by using Hush Puppy.

I decided to set out to create the most effective, easy to use, all-natural calming formula for the most discerning dog owner who treats and cares for their dog as a full-fledged family member.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

People who care for their dogs are concerned when they can’t comfort them. They try everything from Thunder-shirts, pheromones, to homeopathic drops put in the dog’s mouth or pills hidden in food.

People are concerned about using pheromones or hormones on their beloved pets, and it’s just not easy to put drops in an anxious dog’s mouth. They agonize while their dog is upset, wishing there was something they could do to calm the dog down. They would try anything as long as it worked!

We researched the market and determined we had to overcome the hesitation of trying another new product on their dogs. We had to reassure dog owners the product was safe and easy to use.

We had to make sure the formula was therapeutic quality, not just something that smelled good and we had to be absolutely positive it was safe for humans as well as their pets. We had to make sure Hush Puppy worked quickly and naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, or drugs.

Through research and creating an exact formula blend of essential oils, we discovered a formula that is pleasant to use and the aroma not only promotes relaxation, calm and well being in the dogs it is intended for, the aromatherapy works on humans too.

We were afraid no one would like it. We were afraid the formula wouldn’t work or that the dogs wouldn’t respond as we anticipated. Perhaps the dogs we already tested it on were a fluke?

We stuck by the formula, tested it and got great reviews, and testimonials! Through it all, we persevered and now have released the first line of Hush Puppy Dog Calming Formulas and we couldn’t have asked for a better response.

You will love the way Hush Puppy will calm your dog, easing your nerves, calming emotions, and helping you relax with a dose of added tranquility to your life.

Our senior dog, Yogi, has lost his hearing. However, he is still highly sensitive to storms. The other night when he was pacing during thunder and lightning I massaged him with “Hush Puppy. He quickly relaxed. I have used this product for several months. I believe that the combination of essences, the massage and the fragrance is what relaxes our beloved, four-legged family member so much. We are grateful for this product.
A. Wilder
Yogi Wilder, just chillin!
Yogi Wilder, just chillin!