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To use Hush Puppy Calming Oil: rub a small amount onto the palms of your hands and then rub the product onto your dog’s ears, under their chin, and on their chest, legs and tummy.

Always avoid the dog’s nose or face.

To use Hush Puppy Bedding and Blanket Spray: apply the spray to the dogs bedding and blankets.
Spray the inside of travel crates before putting your dog inside. Spray new environments for a calming and familiar aroma that will calm your dog.

Never spray into the dog’s eyes, or face

Here’s what one customer said: ”

“The weekend of July 4, 2016, was terrifying for my dog Chelsea with fireworks going off at all hours.  I asked Pamela if she had anything that would keep my dog calm during fireworks and thunderstorms.  Pamela gave me a spray to use on Chelsea’s bed and oil to massage around her head. It only took a few minutes, and I could see her becoming more calm and relaxed. We have used it during thunderstorms and it works great. Chelsea now goes over to her bed and lies down. This is a great product!”

The key is the powerful therapeutic affects of aromatherapy. Hush Puppy works naturally and is very effective.

Use Hush Puppy Calming Oil on “Hot Spots” to ease the aggravation of skin irritations.
Regain your sanity and calm your dog down, break that itchy, licking, irritating habit so the skin can heal.

Customers report seeing calming results within 10-20 minutes with affects lasting several hours.

Hush Puppy Products have a shelf life of 1 year from date of purchase.

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